About us

Fiesta was established in 2001. Isidro Ortiz, immigrant of Michoacan, Mexico decides to put his mother’s (Teresa Ortiz) unique culinary talent into action and bring her dream of having her own restaurant come true. At the time 80% of the staff consisted of immediate family members. We giggled through our very first order and celebrated “en grande” when we opened our second restaurant.

Now we are dedicated to serving the freshest Mexican food with great service and only the finest ingredients. Tantalize your taste buds with fresh, homemade tortillas, enjoy sizzling fajitas, combo platters, or share some crispy nachos with the whole group. Savor a bowl of authentic Menudo, choose your favorite burrito, or go all-American with a juicy burger made just the way you like it. Go for some surf and turf, arroz con pollo, and top it all off with a selection from their award-winning salsa bar your sure to love! Whether you’re in the mood for a tasty lunch special, a fruity margarita, or a delicious dinner for the whole family!

What began as a simple dream back when I was only 11 years of age, has now become a reality. Hi, my name is Isidro Ortiz, Owner and President of the Fiesta Mexican Restaurants in the Tri-Cities, WA. I welcome you into my world, where the food is of great quality, the service is warm and friendly and the ambiance superb. This is not your ordinary Mexican Restaurant. We are Fiesta, We are Extraordinary! Come see for yourself and bring your friends. I’m not winning an Oscar for my restaurants or my food but I would still like to thank my family members for all their help and hard work throughout the years, especially my mother (Teresa) who I owe everything to. She’s really the heart of this business and the true CEO, “mama la quiero mucho!”

Chimpum Pollo Peruvian dish